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Romans: The Gospel Freedom [Volume 1]

Romans: The Gospel Freedom [Volume 1]

$ 24.95

Free at last, free forever, freed to love God!

There is a famine of the word of God in today's evangelical world. Crowd-pleasing entertainment, non-confrontational messages, and outright lies have replaced the clear and bold preaching of the word of God that makes us wise unto salvation.

In 1923, J. Gresham Machen wrote Christianity and Liberalism, in which he made the point that liberalism and true Christianity are two separate religions. Shockingly, this evaluation is increasingly applicable to the evangelical church today. Many churches that call themselves evangelical and claim to believe the Bible simply have nothing to do with true Christianity.

In this dark background of godlessness, Pastor P.G. Mathew's devotional commentary on Paul's epistle to the Romans sounds the clear trumpet call of the gospel. Paul declares to Christ's church that through faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ, fallen, sinful man can be set free from the power and dominion of sin, the flesh, and the devil. This gospel sets us free to live a life of righteousness, love, and obedience.

Prepare to be challenged, edified, and thoroughly transformed as you read this powerful work from one of the leading conservative exegetes of our time.

716 pages 

ISBN: 978-0-977114955